8TH JUNE, 2022

Relocating to the Country with Carlie Oates

Teva speaks to curator and stylist Carlie Oates who has found home in the beautiful country town of Jugiong, NSW. 

From spending time on the farm with her kids, to building her considered edit of homewares and fashion at her local store Curators Collective, Carlie chats all things about relocating to the ‘great outdoors’.

Carlie Oates wearing Teva Reember shoes on her country farm in Jugiong, NSW

To begin, hi! Can you tell us your name, a little bit about yourself & how you like to start your day?

Hello! I am Carlie Oates - mother of two wonderful girls, wife to farmer Jarrod and curator to my store; Curators Collective

A little about me? Nothing about me or my life happens until I have my morning walk. I am a walker… hate running but love walking. Most mornings I start with a walk on the farm before madly making lunches for the girls and then when they are safely on the bus to school, I head to the shop which is located at The Sir George in Jugiong.


Life in the Country

You came from a busy styling career. We’d love to know what your day-to-day was like, and what interested you about moving to the country. Have you always felt a pull to leave city life?

My day-to-day life in the city was chaotic.... and I was child free at this stage! Days were long and nights were late while working as a Senior Fashion Editor. However, I grew up in the country… so, when my husband and I decided to start a family, it just felt incredibly natural to head back to my roots.

One of the biggest differences from the city, is that the country has a beautiful way of settling the soul and slowing the pace. The country feels calmer, and everyone finds the time to stop and talk.

Carlie Oates wearing Teva Reember shoes with horses in the country

Can you tell us a little bit about your farm and what’s in your paddocks? Did either you or your partner have any past experience living and managing a farm?

On our farm in Jugiong, predominantly, we run sheep. However, we have a handful of cattle, one horse and 3 dogs. My husband and I embarked on this journey together; we both grew up in the country but not on a working sheep farm. It has been an incredible journey of fear, triumph and always laughter.


Do you have any particular memories or adventures on the farm you cherish and would like to share?

My favourite time on the farm was actually during covid. With nowhere to be and the everyday pressure eased, life on the farm was bliss. We closed the front gate and enthralled ourselves in our environment. We slow cooked meals by the fire, walked the boundaries of the farm and enjoyed the simple life.

Carlie Oates wearing Teva Reember's for women while on country farm at sunset

Sparking Creativity Through Nature

Does living in the country and embracing natural landscapes influence your creativity in how you select the pieces at Curators Collective?

Absolutely! My style, both professionally and personally, really evolved and became refined once we settled into our ‘country existence. I love texture and form, whilst incorporating natural fibers. The landscape where we live has played a huge role in developing my style and love of natural textures.


What would be some tips or pieces of advice you would tell someone wanting to relocate to a regional area?

That fortune favours only the brave! Another piece of advice I would give is to not judge a book by its cover.... or a farmer by his/her jeans. Farmers are genuine lovers of nature, a wealth of knowledge for the land and completely devoted to feeding the country.


Being so connected to the outdoors, how much importance do you place on brands supporting sustainability & preserving the outside world?

Now, more than ever, we acknowledge the importance of loving and caring for our environment. Sustainable fashion is going to play an incredibly important part in the preservation of our environment. Every ripple has an effect. Everything you do, be in the city or country affects the health of the environment. Be kind to each other and your world.

Where have you found yourself wearing your new Teva’s, do they fit well into your lifestyle?

My ReEmber’s are perfectly suited for my lifestyle! I have worn them up the dirt driveway whilst taking the kids to the school bus as well as kicking around inside the house. They’re as comfortable as slippers!


Where to next?

As we are now (crossing all fingers) on the other side of the pandemic, what is in the pipeline for Carlie Oates over the next 12 months?

I have always been the biggest traveller. I love finding new locations and, sadly, the pandemic has halted all travel plans, not just for me, but for everyone. Fingers crossed that in the next 12 months I will be sliding my Teva's on and heading O/S!

Words by Carlie Oates @carlieoates

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