28th October 2021

Q & A: Cloudy Rhodes

Teva speaks with non-binary award-winning film director & writer, Cloudy Rhodes on how the outdoors, travels & surrounding natural environment inspire their creative process.


Hurricane XLT2

To begin, Hi Cloudy! How are you & can you tell us your name, your pronouns and a little bit about yourself & how you like to start your day?

My name is Cloudy Rhodes. My pronouns are they/them. My usual day-to-day: I wake up, meditate and drink matcha in bed, check the surf if there’s waves, I’ll go surfing.

We love your work, and its iridescent reminders of the natural world throughout. How would you describe your work to anyone who hasn’t seen it?

I think I’d describe my work as soft and hopefully moving. I am drawn to the beauty of nature, spirituality, and queerness. I often hear people say my work feels dreamy, I always like that…I want people especially young queer people to find refuge in my films, to escape into a beautiful, dreamy world.

Have you always dreamed of becoming a director? How did your love for the field evolve?

Filmmaking for me is so immersive. Films have such a power to move people - I think that’s what inspires me. Something about filmmaking just feels so natural for me, it flows.

How does living near the sea inspire your day-to-day? Have you always lived close to nature?

Yes, living near the sea inspires me & I’ve always lived close to nature. I grew up in the ocean. Being in nature brings me back to myself. Feeling grounded and clear helps me create. My connection to nature influences everything in my life.

Hurricane XLT2

We can see that self-expression plays a strong role in your art and everyday life. Can you explain the importance of this?

I am so inspired by people who are truly themselves. I always want to create from my heart, I think work that comes from an authentic place has such a deep beauty and power. As a non-binary person, I feel it's important to share my experience for the younger generation.

Lockdown has been tough. It must feel strange not travelling as much as you normally do. If you could travel or take an adventure anywhere right now, where would it be?

If I could travel, or take an adventure somewhere right now, I’d really love to go somewhere new, maybe to Sri Lanka or Paris. I've never been to either of those places.

Being connected to the outdoors, how much importance do you place on brands supporting sustainability & preserving the outside world?

The notion of brands supporting sustainability & preserving the outside world is so important. We have to love and care for our planet. As a surfer I am in direct contact with nature every day. I feel a responsibility to take care of the planet and the ocean. I am drawn to the idea of slow fashion and only investing things that last. If I am going to buy something I make sure I will live in it for years. That feels important to me. Minimizing our footprint is so crucial for the planet and I believe karmically also.

Where have you been wearing your new Hurricane XLT2s & how have you been styling them throughout your day-to-day ventures?

I am loving wearing my Hurricane XLT2’s. They are perfect for climbing over the rocks near where we live. My girlfriend Kelsey and I have been wearing them on spring hikes.

Hurricane XLT2

If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

If I could say one thing to my younger self, I would tell them about what it means to be non binary and how special it is and that they are magic.

What’s next for Cloudy Rhodes?

What’s next? A feature film.

Q + A by Cloudy Rhodes@cloudyrhodes

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