Worn Well | 28th February 2020

Festival Fashion: Laneway Festival '20

Originating in Melbourne, Laneway Festival really is in a class of its own. Oozing with originality and that hipster, grunge flare, the festival boasts independent stallholders, laid back vibes and killer tunes (oh, and did we mention the outfits!).

twoofakind at Laneway Festival


Decked out in the freshest festival fashion and our Teva sandals, we could tell we were in for a good time. The festival definitely attracts a different type of thoroughfare with festival-goers individuality absolutely shining through their original (and sometimes revealing) outfit choices. Totally rocking that #youdoyouboo vibe that we are all about! 

twoofakind at Laneway Festival

For two festival ‘newbies’, you can just imagine the title wave of emotions that overcame us as we scanned our tickets and stepped in the festival grounds. The atmosphere was electric, with the rhythm of the music booming from the main stage and literally vibrating through our bodies. 

We decided to ‘scout’ out the premises first, taking note of key chill-out spaces, the food vendors on offer, crazy cool market stalls and perfect Instagram backdrops (#doitforthegram, are we right?)

One thing we haven’t mentioned yet was the HEAT. It was seriously hot with a capital H! Temps hit the high 30s, and you could definitely feel it. That could only call for one thing and one thing only; Drinks! … ASAP! Luckily for us, the line at the VIP drinks stand were minimal, and we were able to quench our thirst in no time! 


Next, it was time to sit back, sip and chill out to those killer tunes. We decided to head to the Prosecco chill zone where we kicked back on the bean bags, talked, sung and relaxed. We were so thankful to find relief from the heat and recharge a little before getting back up to dance and let loose for who we were most excited to hear; Tonnes and I. 

twoofakind at Laneway Festival


Although not your regular type of festival, Laneway still had plenty of dancing; especially when Tonnes and I performed! Arguably one of the biggest names in music at the moment, there wasn’t a person not on their feet jamming when she stepped on stage. 

Our number one highlight from the day had to be when she performed her biggest hit “Dance Monkey”. Every. Single. Person. Sung. And when we say sung, we mean belted! There really is no way to describe the atmosphere of the festival at that moment. Every word of Dance Monkey chiming from the lips of festivalgoers, everyone’s feet dancing to the same rhythm of the same song; it was amazing. 

twoofakind at Laneway Festival


We’re big eaters, so you can imagine the appetite we worked up dancing and singing along to our favourite artists all day. Luckily the festival has a reputation for great food vendors and this year was no exception. We opted for the Vegan Gozleme (Which you can nevr really go wrong with!), pleasantly surprised by the minimal waiting time and overall freshness of the meal. 


We ventured back over to the bean bag section to eat our food in comfort. However, two bites into our feed, we were interrupted by a surprise visitor. Rain! Now, the term ‘rain’, is probably an under-statement - it absolutely poured! 

We’re talking torrential rain, bucketing down, soaking everything in sight. We took shelter in the VIP marquee (lucky us!), but for the majority, it was rain ponchos on or complete soakage. Despite this, the music still roared, and nobodies’ spirits dampened. The brave festivalgoers (or those already wet) continued to party, dance and sing out in the open, completely carefree. 

We ended up leaving as the sun went down because #workinglife called and we had to get ready for the week ahead, but honestly we could have kept dancing forever! We are so looking forward to our next festival adventure and will for sure be attending LANEWAY 2021! 

twoofakind at Laneway Festival

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