6th January 2020

Q & A: Deni Todorovic

Meet Deni, a celebrity stylist who is passionate about discussing Degendering Fashion and making fashion a more inclusive and equal space.

First off, Hi, how are you and can you tell us your name, your preferred pronouns and a little bit about yourself and your projects that you want the world to know about?
Hello darlings! I’m really well thank you. My name is Deni, my pronouns are they/them, I’m 32 and currently based in Geelong, Victoria. The things I’m most excited about in a project sense are critical conversations. Ranging from gender to sexuality, politics, racism and social justice. I specifically am passionate about discussing Degendering Fashion and opening up the dialogue around making fashion from both an industry and consumer level a more inclusive and equal space.

How would you describe your style right now?
My style really varies on my mood, but I would say that it always has an element of these three words. JOY. GLAM. STREET. Always an element of glam, it’s my M.O in life. I’m a big streetwear kid at heart so I especially love combining streetwear with unexpected pieces and I’m all about pieces that spark joy.

Q & A with Deni Todorovic

What does self-love mean to you?
In a sentence – self-love means self-acceptance, self-respect and self-confidence. It’s waking up every day with an intuitive knowing that you are enough, and then some. Its reminding yourself daily just how much you love YOU.

How has fashion played a role in your gender expression?
Fashion has played a crucial role as it has allowed me to experiment and express the things that feel truest to my energy whether that be femme, masc or something in between!

Q & A with Deni Todorovic

How do you suggest styling Teva’s new Pride range?
I’m all about mixing sandals with dressy unexpected pieces. A voluminous skirt or gown with a pair of Teva sandals - yes please. If that’s not your vibe you can never go wrong with denim, team the range with denim for effortless summer days with your favourite rainbow humans.

Flatform Universal Stripe Black

Talk us through your ultimate Mardi-Gras look?
My ultimate Mardi Gras look always starts with a concept. Generally, each year I’ll look to the birthday of the parade, if it’s significant to a birth stone I might use that as a colour theme. So, for 40 years I did a red look as ruby was the stone for that anniversary. Or I may just channel an overall vibe that I’m feeling at the time. Then we break down pieces, I need to look and feel my most glam. Comfort is key! I always March the parade in heels so by the time the after-party rolls around I need to be in sneakers or flat combat boots. I tend to wear very little clothing to the after party because the spaces get so hot and crowded - so I always make sure I go full fashion to all the parties leading up to and after that point.

Socks and sandals - is it a vibe? And can we rock it for summer?
100% it’s a vibe! I’m very into it, especially if it’s like a statement sock. Think metallic or a bold colour!

What are 5 pieces from your wardrobe you can’t live without?
A great pair of heels. The higher the better. A pair of vintage high waisted jeans. Black and white tees on rotation. A kilt/skirt of some kind and lastly, my pearl necklaces. I rarely take them off.

Q & A with Deni Todorovic

What is the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
Buy less but buy well. My ex-boyfriend used to tell me that almost weekly over the four years we dated, and I’ve never forgotten it. When you buy things you really love and invest in quality over quantity, you’ll be less likely to impulse buy lots of cheap things. This method is also far more sustainable both for the environment and your bank account. I love that Teva really champion sustainability, it’s incredibly important.

Flatform Universal Stripe Black

What does Pride mean to you?
Pride to me is a true sense of self love and acceptance. It’s a journey but when you truly feel comfortable in and love the person you are, regardless of how you identify - that’s where the pride kicks in. Pride is love. When you love yourself, it pours out and as a by-product you have nothing but love and pride for your community.

How will you be celebrating Pride this year?
Pride may look very differently this year given the aftereffects of the pandemic, however no matter what the world looks like I know I’ll be dancing, I know there’ll be glitter and I know there’ll be a whole lotta LOVE!

Photography by Monika Berry.
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