27th February 2021

Q & A: Jamie Azzopardi

Teva speaks with celebrity stylist, culture blogger and LGBTQIA+ fashion powerhouse Jamie Azzopardi (@jamieazzopardi 166K) on celebrating Pride in style with Teva.

Q & A: Jamie Azzopardi

First off, Hi, how are you and can you tell us your name, your pronouns and a little bit about yourself and your projects that you want the world to know about?
Hey guys, my name is Jamie Azzopardi (he/him) and I am a celebrity fashion stylist and culture blogger living in Sydney.

How would you describe your style right now?
My style is evolutionary, and yes, I think all humans are, but right now I am all about minimal design meets street luxe. I’m not afraid of colour or patterns, but my style leans on 90s hip hop cues and silhouettes while also watching trends and adhering to them with a little pizzaz!

What does self-love mean to you?
Self-love is the art (and yes, it’s an art) of knowing your strengths and weaknesses and building on them to be the best you, you can be!

Has fashion played a role in your gender expression?
I think fashion plays a role in my gender expression because it showcases who I am to the perfect degree. I’m a little bit masculine, with a lot of feminine energy wrapped up in a sassy and classy bow - and that’s exactly how I dress!


Original Universal Rainbow Black

What is your favourite way to style the Teva Pride range?
I think the range lends itself to a lot of looks, but personally I love seeing them worn casually, with a nice pair of jeans and a shirt that expresses who you are and why people should love you for it ;).

Original Universal Rainbow Black

Original Universal Rainbow Black

Talk us through your ultimate Mardi-Gras look?
My ultimate Mardi Gras look is a statement! While it has to be comfy and practical it also has to be flamboyant and OTT - I mean it is our time to shine in celebration of how far we have come!

What is the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
The best piece of advice I got was to be smart with my choices - buy things that you’ll wear again and again, be sustainable and your wardrobe will forever have gems you’re proud to own!

Q & A: Jamie Azzopardi

What does Pride mean to you?
Pride means being proud of the human I have grown to become!

What is something you’ve learnt through being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?
I have learnt that we are strong and together we have built an army that stands tall, can face anything and above all is there for each other!

How will you be celebrating Pride this year?
As we all wait to hear how the world continues to evolve, I will be celebrating by looking back on what has been achieved and advocating new ways for us, the LGBTQIA+ army, to strive further!

Q&A by Celebrity Fashion Stylist + Culture Blogger, Jamie Azzopardi 
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