Behind the Design:
ReEmber Terrain

Discover the details that make ReEmber Terrain our most versatile slip-on yet.


The ultimate post-adventure companion, the ReEmber Terrain is cosy enough for indoors and rugged enough for outdoors. We caught up with Julia Feldman, Associate Product Line Manager for Teva to hear more about ReEmber Terrain, a sibling to the beloved ReEmber slip-on, and the special details that make it a next-level lounge companion.


Julia Feldman, Associate Product Line Manager for Teva holds ReEmber Terrain.

Tell us about yourself! What do you do at Teva and how do you like to spend time outside?

JULIA FELDMAN: I’m Julia Feldman, Associate Product Line Manager for Teva. Along with my teammates, I manage our Global Product Line, helping to bring your favourite Teva styles to life. I also manage some of our sustainability initiatives, which is my favourite part of my job. I love spending time outside rock climbing, hiking, camping, and jumping in cold water — oceans or lakes!


Tell us about the newest addition: ReEmber Terrain. What makes ReEmber Terrain unique from the ReEmber?

JULIA FELDMAN: The Ember launched in 2017 as a sneaker/slipper hybrid designed for camping or backpacking and since then, the ReEmber collection has expanded into a range of new silhouettes inspired by our active and adventurous fans. The ReEmber Terrain is our most versatile slip-on yet. It’s cosy enough for indoors, yet rugged enough for outdoors. ReEmber Terrain takes all of the amazing benefits of the ReEmber and expands on the ways to wear them. We’ve kept this style super lightweight and packable, and have evolved the design to be more versatile. We’ve also taken this opportunity to introduce our new ULTRA-COMF insole technology!

What is ULTRA-COMF technology?

JULIA FELDMAN: ULTRA-COMF is our MOST comfortable insole technology to date. It features 25mm of dual density foam that provides luxurious step-in comfort: that’s over an inch of cushy support for all-day adventuring. The first layer of foam is super plush and soft, making it feel like a cloud under your feet. The second layer of foam is more firm which helps to provide all-day support. The combination of the two gives you the best of both worlds!​


The loungeable, trekable, and packable ReEmber Terrain.

What are some of the special design details on the ReEmber Terrain and why were they created?

JULIA FELDMAN: The ReEmber Terrain features a new stitching pattern on the upper that is inspired by our outdoor heritage and topographical lines. A toe bumper and an overlay provides just the right amount of added protection to the foot. The collar around the ankle features a recycled wool-like material for cosy comfort and a little webbing tab (the same material used on our iconic sandal straps) is perfect for sliding a carabiner through and attaching the shoes to your pack. The rugged outsole features a rubber wrap that mimics the organic shapes you might find while looking at rocks through a winding river and is a subtle nod to Teva’s outdoor heritage.

What will Teva fans love about this versatile new style and what do you love the most about the ReEmber Terrain?

JULIA FELDMAN: The ReEmber Terrain is the ultimate travel companion at home or away. I love bringing my ReEmber Terrain slip-ons while I’m camping and rock climbing. They are the perfect shoe to slip on after I climb and need a rest from my tight climbing shoes, or while I’m belaying my climbing partner. They are so comfortable that I find myself wearing them around the house all day as I work from home!

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