9th July 2021

Connected to Nature

Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader Allira Potter, shares how she creates balance through her connection with the outdoors.

Connected to Nature with Allira Potter

My name is Allira Potter. If you asked me how I am, I would say I am amazing, life is too good not to be! My pronouns are She/Her and I am a multi-faceted human with so many hands in different honey pots that the best way to tell you a bit of myself is to describe me as an extroverted human with a lot to say.

Inspiring me right now is the Northern Territory, I recently got back from a trip and I feel so inspired to let my hair down more with life and really start to show up in the universe instead of just BEING.

As a healer, physic, meditation teacher and life coach, I wear an abundance of different hats and I think it just comes with my nature. Growing up I came from a really poor background so working hard to be something was always the first thing on my brain.

Hitting rock bottom help me align myself with tapping into my spiritualty which lead me down the path of coaching, energy healing and becoming a meditation teacher.

 Connected to Nature with Allira Potter

As an Indigenous woman, I think it’s in our blood to have a general sense of spirituality, so it was only a matter of time before I started incorporating my culture and my healing practices together.

Working as an energy healer you have to keep yourself very grounded and connected. So, for me being out in nature every day is my way to keep aligned and present. If my cup isn’t full then I’m unable to give that energy back to my clients.

If you follow my socials, I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and am manifesting all of the time! I am always bringing in abundance, health and happiness but the thing I am trying to manifest at the moment is this balance of work and life.

 Connected to Nature with Allira Potter

It sounds crazy but I have no boundaries and almost need the universe to place something in front of me to either A. Slow down or B. bring a clear balance.

Self-care is a huge part of my daily routine. Every morning I am at the gym and then walk my dog for an hour. I love hiking and being out in nature, on my recent trip to the NT I lived in my Teva Original Universal and Hurricane sandals. They were perfect for bush walking to swimming holes.

The main thing keeping me level right now is my manager, she will laugh but she helps me stay super grounded and present when it comes to work. Also, my little pets Cosmo (dog) and Harry Potter (cat); knowing they need to be cared and looked after keeps me really level-headed and grounded.

For 2021, I set a clear intention of learning to live more sustainably, and I think I am on the right track. I am trying to walk more to places rather than drive my car, I take my reusable coffee cup to my local café and I am trying my hardest to reduce my intake of animals and eating more of a plant-based diet.

Connected to Nature with Allira Potter

If I could offer one piece of advice to anyone trying to work more spirituality and wellness into their lives, I’d say don’t overthink, there is so much out there that you can become overloaded with information. Just take a moment to be present and do things that you love and make you feel good!

A lot of people are asking me what’s next for Allira and I keep saying straight away “TV” I want to be working in the media doing something cool whether that’s acting or presenting.

Written by Allira Potter
Instagram – @allira.potter
Photography – @michaelpetxrs

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